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    Strength vs size

    In some of the posts I have read this week some of the bro's on the board have talked lightly about strength vs size. One of the brothers on the board said that training for size was completely different than training for strength. Can someone explain this concept. I always assumed that as you got stronger you would add size. Can one of the more knowledgable post an example of a workout that would be directed towards size and one that would be directed towards strength. Here are my stats just in case they are needed. 5'10",220 lbs 13% body fat. Bench press 385 lbs. 18 1/2 biceps. I am pretty much thick all the way through. currently natural and exploring my first cycle with the help of all the people here on this site.


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    Training methods

    There are various training methods that have been played with over the years. True you can gain size with strength but to maixumize your gains you really need to incorporate different training methods into your routine other than that for one set up for strength. Most power lifters will lift massive amounts of weight to increase their overall strength. This does over time build some muscle mass but Bodybuilders have discovered that to maxiumize gains one needs to really incorporate more sets at the highest amount of weight possible. This allows the target muscle in question to be pushed repeatedly to the max thus breaking down the muscle at a much higher rate. Now the problem with these techniques is that the average body builder may not obtain now where near the overall strength that a power lift may obtain but the BB muscles have increased with size. You can incorporate low reps with high weight maybe once or twice a month in your normal routine if you like. But if your overall goals are to increase size you need to lower the weight somewhat, increase the reps and the amount of sets you preform per body part.

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    I found that working the same weights and pyramidding up without switching up your routine often ads strength. When I switched my split, and did not pyramid my lifts when down but my gain in size has been quite remarkable.

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