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Thread: Front Squats!

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    Question Front Squats!

    Are front squats a good substitute for regular squats?

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    Front squats hit the front of the thigh directly.Where normal squats hit more of the outer sweep. you can also do narrow stance squats or wide stance squats to hit different parts of the thigh and hamstrigs, glutes .

    Planning on doing some?

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    i like to rotate fronts and back squats. usually every other or every third week.

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    I do the same Daner, I swap my squats up, one day rear squats next time squat day rolls around, I will do frontal squats and leg extensions, and do some leg curls for the days I miss the rear squats.
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    IMO no variations are as good as the good old "SQUAT". It builds your overall leg size. I noticed years ago when I started squating that all my lifts went up.

    I would suggest front squats to a person who's lacking in quad development and or if that person was splitting his hams and quads up and training them on different days.

    If you are training your total leg in one workout I would suggest doing squats, hack squats, Stiff leg Deadlift, leg curl and leg ext. the latter two ex. being optional.

    PS dont forget to train the cows!!!!!

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