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    Thumbs up Do any of you workout with a member of the opposite sex? Pros and cons.

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    I know you posted this a long time ago, but I thought I would reply since there were none. I worked out with my girlfriend for an entire summer.
    The cons were packing plates on and off the bar and having to teach here everything.
    The pros were, I think it worked as a good motivational tool for her and me. I wouldn't let her get lazy at first and then after a while when I wanted to, I didn't b/c I knew it would make me look bad after preaching to her.

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    A pro would definitely be seein a fine bitch (if you have one) in some tight pants doin squats or somethin bendin over so you could see that booty...make you all horny then you go home and kill kill kill !!!!!!

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    i workout with women from work on very rare occasions...i think it henders my progress for the simple fact, my ego gets in the way of lifting the way i know i should.....i tend to overload the bar or use to heavy a dumbbell and kill my form....

    so until i can check my ego at the women as training partners please.....

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    my gf and i

    we both use to workout together but it was way too much EyeCandy Overload for the rest of the members at our gym so we had to stop.hahahaseriously though, i like working out w/ my gf sometimes.i like to show all the other guys at the gym what they can never have.

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