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    Anyone know some good excersises for the side of your arms? You know the part that connects your bicep to your tricep, the side.. I was reading in one of the magazines that hammer curls are good for that Can anyone suggest an excersise? I'm trying to my arm the same width as my forearm, it is a little skinnier (don't tell me to stop beating off, I can't help it)


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    two things

    Hammer curls, reverse grip curls, and rotate your hands when using dumbells.

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    Hey Bro, Here is what I do. My partner told me this one. It hurts like hell at first so use light weight till you get used to. Use strict form and move slowly.
    Hammer Curl.
    Hold dumbell at your side with your palm facing your thigh.
    Curl dumbell straight up untill you reach your chest palm facing your chest.
    Squeese and hold.
    Resist as you decend the weight.

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