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    Unhappy Back after 1 yr HELP...

    About a 1yr a go came off a deca /dbol cycle ,was happy with size/power gains ,a few weeks after hurt my back bad with herniated disc......well now a year later, gains/strength lost,gained 15lbs of fat,total fat lazy ass,totally disgusted with myself.But im comming back to the gym, Think with alot work/diet could get my size back or am i gonna have to work double to get where i was??????...........any sugg to get going again,(lots of cardio/diet to lose fat first,or get mass back first then cut later?????)

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    Hey man, good to hear you getting back into it, i would always recommend trying to lose fat first before trying to bulk up, but to tell you the truth, ive never come back form a long layoff so i'll give this a

    bump, and someone who has can give you better advice.

    I would personally start lifting weights straight away, and be doing the cardio and diet and give eqaul preference to all three.

    Most people say that due to muscle memory, you will be able to rebuild muscle easier than it was to get it the first time, but i guess like everything else it will different for the individual.

    Good luck, and i hope you get the results your after

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    Hey bro, good to hear your back at the gym. Just take it easy after having some time off, and gradually work your way up to where you want to be. It may take time, but sooner or later, with the passion and dedication you will get there. Dont even think about lifting what you used to lift, coz i am assuimg you are probably not as strong. No doubt you know this already, but I am telling you anyways. Like I said, just take it easy, and work your way up. You have all the time in the world.

    Dont worry about working double as hard. That sounds like you are overtraining. If you want to bulk lose th efat bro, lots of cardio, correct diet training etc etc, ok then when your happy with your shape you can try and bulk again. Thats what I would do anyways. If you have just come bak to training then I would suggest that for about the 1st week you take it real easy at th gym, get to know what you are capable of doing at the moment, dont lift too heavy, and get your body used to the weight intesity.


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    luckly you have muscle memory. Start s-l-o-w-l-y, I mean it. I have a lot of buddies that take time of or are a hit and miss. Most launch right into it and end up hurting them selves. Give your body a little time to get use to getting beat up again and when your sore time starts cutting down, that is when I would start bumping up the weight.

    Glad to have ya back Bro..Good luck

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