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    leg training and speed increasement

    Does training hard on the legs help your speed?? Im an athlete and better speed would help me out. I currently run a 4.57 in the 40 and would like to cut it down 2 tenths. I never train legs but would if it would help my speed. THANKS!!

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    yes, doing plyometrics, also any lifts that rely mainly on the hamstrings glutes and calves will help especially if you do them explosively.

    Having stronger legs should improve your acceleration.

    Also i hear of a lot of sprinters that lift at high reps. I don't really see a point to that and it has never helped me.

    Just to let you know in the last year i've run maybe 15 40s and i never run at all unless i'm just messing around racing people and i still average times in the 4.4s. All i so is heavy squats, hams and calves, plus plyometrics occasionally.

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    Nostawk, what are some the plyometric exercises you do if you dont mind me asking??

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