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    My left bicep is lagging behind...any help?

    Kind of weird to explain, but I have no back part to my left bicep, it's just not there....weird eh? lol. My left arm is naturally weaker then my right, it looks weird though. The front of it seems to be normal but there isn't a back to it. Can anyone help me out on this???

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    do unilateral movements. i would stay away from anything else until you get the strength in your left arm up to par. I also wouldn't keep going up weight in your right arm, for obvious reasons.

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    Bro I am ambidextrous, for instance I throw the baseball with right arm and football with left, golf right bowl left. My left bi has always lagged not much prob half an inch. But def not the same definition. Like Frky said unilateral and really concentrate on laggin part during movement.

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