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    Abdominal workout??

    Can anyone help me out with an intense abdominal workout to give me a washboard stomach? I have low body fat and can see my abs slightly, but I'm not getting sore after training them. I need advice.

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    Have you tried adding weights?

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    Heavy cable crunches have developed my abs like none other, they've added a good bit of size to my abdominals. I train abs twice per week, and the main chunk of my ab workout is 6 sets of cable crunces the last 3 with heavy weights .. reps are 20,12,10,6,6,6

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    A lot of people train abs in high reps. I have no idea why people do this. Abs are muscles just like any other muscles on your body. They are no different to chest, bicepts etc etc. So train them like you train your chest or bicepts and every other body part on your body. You see bodybuilders scream and sweat their asses off when they push that last rep when they do chest for example. Do the same thing when you do abs. There is no reason why you should do more reps. Add weights and push yourself till you have 2 scream even, coz thats the only way you will make you muscle size up regardless on what muscle it is. None of this bullshit like... 4 sets of 25. IMO thats a waste of time. Train them no more than 3 times per week. Really depends on how hard you work them. I train my abdominals 2 times per week.


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    people have been very pleased with the 5x5 ab routine... get ahold of needsize he'll have it

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    my favorite i use the decline bench with my feet locked
    and i use 60pound weight i do like 14-20reps the weights really help this is only upper abs though. i have a hard time with lower abs

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    To hell with the high reps....I do decline weighted crunches and have seen dramatic changes in my abs. I still don't have that 6 pac or whatever but they're hard as hell.

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