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Thread: Strong knees?

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    Strong knees?

    Can anyone shed some light on the "Squatting is bad for your knees" thing? I'm worried about wrecking my knees. Or is there a way to strengthen your knees?

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    Ive hurt my knees before going all the way down. Now I just go a little further that parallel and I havent had a problem.

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    I'm not 100% sure when i say this but I believe that as long as you have good form there is nothing to worry about. If you wanted to be sure you could go check around at some PLing sites, but I'm fairly sure this is just a rumor. Probably the only other thing you can do is not to use knee wraps.

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    Squating is fine as long as you don't let your knee's ride out over your toes.


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    With the right form your knees should be fine. Use knee wraps as well. I am more worried about hurting my back when squatting then my knees.


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    Absolutely, like the others said...squatting is not innately dangerous to your's bad form that is the culprit. Make sure your knees do not drift inward or outward, or that they do not drift over your toes. Also, keeping your legs to parallel or just below (not excessively deep) I believe will help you prevent injury.

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    I hear that alot in my gym,ill start someone out on a workout and the first thing they say when i tell them its time for legs its "i cant do squats its hard on my knees"
    well i had my ACL replaced almost 2yrs. ago and i was squating again in 6months "very light" and not lifting related injury,proper form and theres no reasn not to do them.

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