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    Reps, Sets, Load

    What is your favorite way to organize your reps, sets and loads? Pyramid up in weight. A double pyramid by going back down after? A flat pyramid by keeping the load the same for all working sets? Wave loading or another apporach?

    Personally... lately I would say I get the best results and a good pump in the gym accompanied by good soreness there after by using a flat pyramid. I have used this method when I was younger as well with good results... but I am really starting to prefer it more and more today. For example, doing 315 on a flat press for 6 reps for 10 sets one workout. And then progress by either doing 315 for 7 reps, 10 sets (basically progressing from a toal of 60 total reps to 70 of the same weight) - or 325 for 6 reps, 10 sets next time. Using a consistent load (flat pyramiding) gives me a great training response and I find it easier to measure and plan progression...

    Let's see where this goes... just wondering what methods others prefer to use

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    oh, my god, that's a lot of work! Geeze, i think my arms would fall off if i did that many sets/reps in one workout! j/k
    i do one work set to failure then either strip or use rest pause for each body part per workout on an upper lower split, after three or so months of this, i'll go to a 5X5 routine, and then switch back
    i did volume training for a long time, i used to advocate 25 sets for shoulders alone! i'll never do that again, i get a lot more results out of high intensity, low volume

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    Here for the past two months (one more month to go) I've been keeping all weights at a set level and doing 30 reps. Roughly 12-14 sets. I'll not even embarass myself by listing the amount of's pretty light (ex..125lbs on the bench)

    Once I'm back on track I'll go back to a pyramid format but I increase the weight after each set. Every fourth week I do a reverse pyramid (drop set) but I do not rest between partner just strips the weights real quick while I hold it.

    I might keep the high reps in the mix for the last set now and then. I like that really deep burn you get from those. Strip the weight and do as many reps for the very last set. Don't know yet but I'm thinking about it.

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    Rest Pause sets on the big compounds, a la DoggCrapp style

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    Can someone explain to me this doggcrapp technique I keep hearing about?

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    LM1332 Guest
    I used to follow Lous workout routine for arms and he recommends to go up with weights and only 3 different excersizes and man trust me that thing blew me up my arms got more gains then i ever experienced before

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    Swellin Guest
    I am currently using the single pyramid, but it is time to switch off to the double pyramid. I jump back and forth a good bit.

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    On my assistance exercises I generally do 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps depending on how I feel that day. For my ME exercises I start 60lb below max for bench and 100lb below max for sq/dl. Then I do triples moving 10lb for bench 20lb for sq/dl between each set. Once I can't finish the triple I continue doing singles until I hit my max for that session.

    On dynamic days I do 10 sets of 3 reps on bench press at 50% of my max on the first week up to 60% my last week and I do 12 sets of 2 reps squats.

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    I use a DC split right now.

    Polska do a search, I have posted it before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saboudian
    I use a DC split right now.
    Me 2.

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