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    intense shooting pain

    For the past 3 days i seem to be experiencing what i would describe as really intense spams in my lower right trap, it almost feels as if somone is snapping an elastic band, then occasionaly after one of the spasms, i'll get an intense shooting pain up the sides of my neck that turns into an intense headache (pretty close to a migraine)
    ......and ive had my gf massaging the area every night with no relief at all

    Like ****,i only got 4 sets into my shoulder workout last night before i had to pack it in, and ive never done that in 5 years of training........almost thinking it could be a pinched nerve possibly? any input would be appreciated!!!

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    Full, sounds like a nerve problem bro but I'm not a doc...........don't screw around, get to the doc and let them take a look at it. Sorry I couldn't be of more help bro.

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