Whats up brothers did not have much to do so I thought I would post my workout and get input ..I have done everything as far as routines go ..Metal Militia ,Hit ,HST ,5 day splits so on and so on..I have ALWAYS given a fare amount of time to every routine I have ever done ... And this is the only thing that I feel has given real results as far as size goes ,Now I did make good strength gains in others but when it comes to size this is what has worked unreal for me ......

Monday chest ,shouldrs tris
Incline BB Press 10x10
superset flat bench ,or flys 10x10

BB shoulder press 10x10
super set lat raises 10x10

dips 10x10
super set push downs 10x10

tuesday Back ,legs, and bis
Pull downs 10x10
super set BB Rows 10x10

Leg press 10x15
superset hack squats 10x15

Incline DB curls 10x10
super set closegrip preacher curls 10x10

rest wednesday
thursday repeat modays lifts
friday repeat tuesdays lifts
saterday rest
sunday rest

I dont go to failure but stop short about a rep or two .I found that for me doing less weight but more volume has always worked for me . Workng the whole body twice a week just keeps me growing .I will often change the exersises just to change things around from time to time but other than that everything stays the same ..I found that In my HIT days I was just not strong enough to stimulate growth to where I could work one muscle group every 9-12 days and if anything as far as size goes I would stay the same strength would go up each time but the size was just not following ..The one bodypart a week was better for me than the HIT because I could work the muscle throughly and let it rest a week then do it again .The only problem I had with this was that my muscle would be ready to lift again around 72hrs later and by me waiting to work that muscle again I feel that that again I was waiting to long and could have been working that muscle again sooner ....Anways the above routine has always given gains .I believe that the key is to not go to failure and increase the volume ...The last reps are always hard but I will stop short of failure so I can get in more sets..I looked into other routines just to see if I would respond to them as well as I did to the above routine but was let down .The only thing that I did really enjoyed was Metal Militia that routine was brutal but I can tell you this if you want a big bench do Metal Militia .In three months I gained 50Ibs on my bench max naturally ....But I overtrained alot with the routine as well ... Anyways Im not baging on anyway of training at all just board and thought I would put down was has worked for me and is working for me for size ....Peace