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    Please check out my new routine (3 year layoff)

    I posted this on another board, maybe you guys can help as well.

    How's this routine look? I just started lifting again after 3 years off. I'm 6' 200 lbs with a little tummy and I'm 23.

    Day 1 Mon

    Incline Dumbell Bench Press
    Tricep Pushdowns with v-bar
    Seated Preacher Curls with straight bar
    Seated Reverse Preacher Curls with EZ bar

    Day 2 Tues

    Calve raises 5 x 15 increase weight each set
    Hyperextensions for my lowerback 1 x failure

    Weds OFF

    Day 3 Thurs.

    Seated Machine Rows
    Lat Pulldowns Wide Grip
    Chin ups
    4 way Neck machine 5x10 increase weight each set

    Day 4 Fri.

    Bent over lat raises
    Side Lat Raises
    Front Lat Raises
    Barbell SHrugs

    Sat OFF

    Sun OFF

    Mon Start cycle again

    Well how's it look?

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    all mixed up. work out the correct bodyparts together, dont mix sets with things you shouldnt. like back with legs, and then back again, do more exercises for the total muscle, dont just do incline with bench, and so on. not hard to make a workout, and you should maybe add another day to work out on, 3 days off is alot. less your bulkin

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