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    too much or too little

    this is my new workout from being out of the gym for a year and a half.

    Mon: Chest
    Tues: Back
    Wens: Shoulders
    Thurs: bis and tris
    fri: legs
    sat & sun: off - pushups pullups and abs

    i am 168 at 5'9" at 20yrs

    Is this enough time between workout days for each muscle or it is to much time?

    My mind is back into the gym but the gains just aren't coming. I have been geting stronger since i have been back in the gym for a month now. I wanted some size and weight gain but i have lost 9lbs and a tiny amount of size. I eat 2200 calories a day. 240g carbs 60g fat and around 300g protein. 5 meals a day. carbs intake at meals 1,3,5. i workout 1hr after last meal which would be from 10:30-11:30. NO cardio.

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    take sat and sun off, and if your tryin to gain size, youll will have to lift for it. throw calves in about 3 times a week. eat 2800cal a day, throw in some more fats, not alot, but more. other than that bust ass, size comes with time, if we got big as we thought we could, we would all be giants, thats why big guys are older, bc you have to work for it. dont give up bro.

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    take sat, sun off and try a program like this because you could be over training
    mon: chest
    tues: back
    wed: legs
    thur: shoulder, tris
    fri: bicept, traps

    do calfs ever mon, wed , fri and you will blow up

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    2200 cal??!! jesus, i think i would shrivel up if i ate that little! if you want to put on size, you have to eat, man! AT LEAST 4000 cals a day, if you're worrying about putting on fat, it's almost impossible to put on decent muscle as quick as possible without putting on a little chub as well, don't worry, with your new muscle mass, losing the fat you put on will be relatively easy, hell, when i diet i eventually cut down to 2500 cals a day

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    My program looks similar. I feel I can hit the bodypart alot harder then going with the conventional method. Chest shoulders tris', back and bi's etc....

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