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    Workout advice anyone?

    This is prolly in poor taste but I just posted some pics in the members pic forum and gave this spiel. I just wanted to get some input maybe if you guys don't happen to check the pics out.

    It's a quote from previous post in the pics forum

    Hey y'all. Been reading up the posts for a while and I've been meaning to get on here but I guess today is the big day. It's also the day I put myself on the line and show off some flab. I need to get rid of the spare tire like right ****ing now. I've had enough of the love handles. Anyway, I guess I be putting these here for institutional memory cuz my bod's gonna undergo some changes...and secondly for y'all to critique and maybe give some support. I know, I know, there's a ton of science in body building but one thing I've learned in my short existence is that there's no science in will power. You either got it or you don't.

    So here's the routine:

    Mon - AM - Cardio; PM -Chest/Tri
    Tues - AM Cardio; PM - Back/Bis
    Wed - AM Cardio
    Thur - AM Cardio; Shoulders
    Fri - AM Cardio; Legs
    Sat - Test day - go max on chest to see where improvement is.
    Sun - Sweet FA

    All cardio is mixed up I'd say 'bout 45 mins. Keepin' the HR between 130-165. Comes and goes with energy levels but the important thing is I'm there.

    So here they are. Any feedback would be awesome. You're a good bunch of cats so I figure I can rely on you not to flame too much. And then when the titties get into line, I can maybe get some compliments eventually.


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    I think your routine is looking good .I believe that any routine will work as long as your diet and rest are in order and you dont overtrain ...And although they all may work to some digree maybe you would see better results with a differant program ???What works for one may work for another just not as well as for the one .It comes down to if it works dont mess with it .. I have done every routine out there and have results but for me the routine I use now is the one that has always given the best in size results for me .. As other I have changed my routine in the past in search of the perfect routine and thats ok because had I not looked around I would not have known whats best for me on size ... I grow best on high volume workouts 10x10 and supersets working the whole body twice a week and taking nothing to failure ...Anyways good luck my man .....CDOG

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    Looks good..keep the diet in check and well..lay off the booze all will come together.

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    a couple of things to consider:
    try chest and bis, back and tris (i blew through a plateau by doing this cause you work the muscle while its fresh and can handle more weight)
    cut out cardio on legs day if you find your legs are lacking
    interval train during cardio. from a brisk walk to an even jog then back down to brisk walk, this will work your heart and burn bodyfat while minimizing muscle loss and pain, cause cardio kinda blows

    looking forward to your progress, good luck, i am also getting rid of a couple of inches of love handles!

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