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    Fat held in lower body only?

    I have kind of a strange situation. My body seems to only hold fat in my legs. My upper body is pretty cut and veins are clearly visible etc. But my thighs, ass and to an extent calfs seem to hold fat. It is enough to bother me, and IMO is noticable. I've tried running (with ECA every once in a while) and dieting but I'm also working out so I don't want to take away from my muscle growth. By "dieting" I mean trying to eliminate as much fat from my diet as possible and replace it with protein and having carbs only in the morning to middle of the day. Do I just have a "pear" body shape, or is there something I can do to burn this fat?

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    Cuttin the fat from your diet does not translate into no fat on your body... when you don't eat fat your body stores it at every chance it gets...

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    Everyone stores fat in their own special way...seems like you just store fat preferentially in your lower body.

    Basically this means that to lose this fat, you'll have to take the same approach that someone else who is trying to lose fat around their midsection would (for the most part). This means getting your diet in control and doing some cardio. IMO doing some cycling or running should help...but the first step is diet.

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    if anything you may want to up your Fat with some EFA's and lower carbs...if you post ur diet in the diet forum the boys can rip it apart and give some **** good tips.

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    Hydrogenated fat is very hard for you body to burn. I heard that it takes youre body allmost 3 times as long to burn hydrogenated fats as it takes for non-hydrogenated fats. Maybee, thats youre problem.

    Hope this helps,

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    I had the same problem bro. If you get your diet in check and do some cardio you should meet your goals. Diet is the key.

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