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Thread: My Workout

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    My Workout

    Tell me wat u guys think of my workout, i am trying to BULK UP, im taking Dbol tabs (3 Times Daily) for about 3 weeks now, Deca -300(Just Started Tuesday)...and Creatine, Glutamine 2 times daily, and Whey (Nlarge2) 3 times daily....

    Day 1: Chest

    Flat Dumbell Presses (4 Sets) 12-10-8-8
    Incline Machine (4 Sets) 12-10-8-8
    Incline Flys (3 Sets) 10-10-10
    Pec Deck (4 Sets) 12-10-10-10
    Cable Crossovers (4 Sets) 12-10-8-10

    Day 2: Back & Bi's, Forearms

    Pulldowns (4 Sets) 12-10-8-8
    Hammer Strength Row Machine (3 Sets) 12-10-10
    Low Pulley Row (Cable) (4 Sets) 12-10-10-8
    Reverse Pec-Deck (3 Sets) 12-10-10

    Barbell Curl (4 Sets) 12-10-10-Failure
    Seated Dumbell Curls (4 Sets) 10-10-8-Failure
    Concentration Dumbell Curls (3 Sets) 12-10-10
    Reverse Curls (4 Sets) 12-10-8-8

    Barbell Wrist Curls (Behind Back) (3 Sets) All to failure, Super-seted with Front EZ-Curl Bar wrist curls, (3 Sets), All to failure also.

    Day 3: Shoulder's/Traps & Tri's

    Behind Neck Press on Smith Machine (4 Sets) 12-10-8-8
    Standing Side-Laterals (3 Sets) 12-10-10
    Seated Laterals (3 Sets) 12-10-10
    Front Raises on Lateral Maching (3 Sets) 10-8-8

    Dumbell Shrugs (6-7 Sets) 15-20

    Dip Machine (4 Sets) 15-12-10-10
    Two Arm Extentions (3 Sets) 12-10-10
    Pulldowns V-Bar (4 Sets) 12-10-10-8
    Pulldowns Leather Strap (2 Sets) Super-Sets 10-10-10

    Day 4: Legs

    Leg Extentions (4 Sets) 15-12-10-10
    Leg Press (4 Sets) 12-10-10-8 + Calf Raise's after each set, on leg press machine..
    Leg Curl Machine (4 Sets) 12-10-10-10
    Calf Raise Machine (5 Sets) 15-15-12-12-12

    Day 5: Rest or All AB day..

    I try to do ABS everyday, at least sum everyday, other days i can get in a whole workout, sum other days just 1 exercise...

    Am i doing anything wrong, sumthing i should be doin and im not, sum1 give me sum advice.....

    Thanx alot guys

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    Looks fine bro. Im not going to comment on the cycle, post a thread over in steroid forum so we can touch it up.
    Id throw some squats in there, your leg routine looks like its laggin. 5 exercises for chest and 4 total for quads hams calves, not proportional. I also wouldnt do flys pec dec and cable crossovers all in the same routine. All not very intense exercises so id pick 2 and mix them in w/ more intense movements like decline bench or my personal favorite incline dumbell press. Anyway if those movements work for you all the power to ya brother just my .02

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    yea i changed the incline flys, to decline bench....and i am just trying to get back on track with legs, cuz i cant squat, i cant put the bar on my neck, i broke my neck awhile ago, and i cant put that kind of weight an stress on the neck u know wat i mean....i can only do light weight dumbell shrugs for traps..which sucks....but im def. doin alot better than i should be...

    Check out the steroid forum, i posted a thread a few days ago, its title Deca /DbOl /Test..........give me ur advice on that, thanx!


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    Keep to the basic compound moves and hit them heavy.They will help build mass and increase strength.You need squats,deadlifts,bench,decline bench,curls I like to keep it all simple no fancy stuff

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