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    If I am bulking is it ok?

    If I am bulking is it ok to do cardio with empty stomach in the morning time to burn some fat, than I will go back to the gym at night time and work out like a horse 2 body parts per day, one body part per week.

    is the cardio keeping me from bulking?
    or is it helping me to keep my bf down?

    223lb 14-16% bf
    28 y o

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    It's fine, I do 50min-hr on an empty 6 days a week whether bulking or cutting.

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    Try to limit it to 3-4 times a week pref. on the days you dont work out.


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    It depends on your body type but doing it a couple times a week should be fine. Like spoon said 3-4 is good, anymore is to much for offseason. With me I can't do it at all offseason or i lose to much weight.

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    Cool, I just wanted to make sure.
    but that is what I am doing
    3-4 times per week
    35-45 min of cardi in the morning.
    I do try to play some basket ball
    everyday for 1 hr before my daily workout.
    I find it to be a very good wormup

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