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Thread: About Testosterone enenthate

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    About Testosterone enenthate

    I have found in many studies and articles around the web that testosterone enanthate promotes prostate cancer. I like to know the opinion of the forum members..

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    If you take large quantities of anything it's not good for you. IT has been shown that test taken in trt quantities for men over 45 can actually be healthy.
    I don't understand if you read numerous studies what makes you think your going to hear any different in hear?
    The studies in general are accurate imo and exp.

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    I'll be 55 next month and have been using test E for about 12 years now. It's the best thing I've ever used.

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    I think a large amount of studies are showing the opposite to be true, on the contrary there is a growing body of evidence that Low T actually increases the risk of Prostate cancer and other maladies.
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    I'd like to know too
    Estrogen has also been overlooked as a risk factor previously,
    they even used estrogen to shut down T production in prostate cancer patients.

    While the AR is involved in many types of prostate cancer cell lines,
    the picture is pretty complex.
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