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    Un Appealed in food?

    Hey guys, im just wondering if anyone else has faced the same issues. After bulking from 100-107kg it took a shit ton of food and effort, after all the eating i needed a break so i took a good 4 months break and decided to try going from 107-115kg. Im currently 110kg but im not really appealed via food anymore. I used to feel great after eating any sorta food, now i just feel average no matter what i eat. Some day i barely eat and prefer to drink and just snack here and there.

    Im sorta getting worried, basically i get no pleasure from eating. Is it due to holding extra weight and being 110kg? Is it signs of diabetes? High Hemacrit? Any sorta tests i can do?


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    Lots of things can affect appetite. Are there any other digestive problems, or anything else going on, or do you have a history of anything else?

    Are you having trouble sleeping or any anxiety?

    There are kidney and liver related things that can cause anorexia, but you would usually have other symptoms. I don't know if this could be related to your cycle - I am thinking more generally, but hopefully if it could be related to your bulk, someone who know will chime in.

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    It could be very simple: you ate clean for xx amount of time, had food that is delicious but not really good for you for the last 4 months. Switch up the types, style, flavors of your food, might be that easy. Try some of these:

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