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Thread: Free Speech - An Overseas Perspective

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    Free Speech - An Overseas Perspective

    So I wanted to take a moment to bring up the topic of the 1st Amendment and its immutable qualities. It is distressing being overseas and watching what is happening at home. Particularly, the blatant and unabashed editorializing being done by CNN. Additionally, it looks as though cover is being given to groups like 'Antifa' who advocate using violence against speech and ideas they disagree with.

    I refuse to take the bait and qualify myself by 'condemning' these white supremacists. They are a literal joke, a clown show, and only number about 8,000 in a country of 340 million. Usually, when they hold these rallies, a hundred or so inbred losers who can't find jobs show up, the media doesnt cover it, no one protests it, and they end up yelling their messages of hate into a megaphone with no one listening. Antifa and the media, have both given these groups a soapbox, which as we know will only swell their ranks as they fein being the victim, being the persecuted ones.

    The First Amendment is ABSOLUTE. It is an immutable right, with FEW exceptions (libel,threats of actual violence,fraud, etc.) It was not written to protect your right to voice opinions we all agree with and love. It was written PARTICULARLY to protect the most vile and disgusting speech imaginable.

    With those things in mind. It is disgraceful to see CNN and other left leaning groups essentially CONDONE violence against those who we disagree with. They justify these things by saying they fly the flag of a losing enemy, that they voice ideas of supremacy, etc. That is very well true, but so long as they do not aggress, violence can NOT be used against them to silence their right to speak their ideas to the world. The reason is quite clear, if/when government becomes involved, it will be the path down the slippery slope. Government will then start to decide what speech is acceptable and what isn't, what political ideas are acceptable and which aren't.

    I am sad to things like "micro aggressions," "hate speech," "pronouns," "X," "hen". These are words which people have made up in order to silence their opposition. They are not real. Violence is Violence, Speech is NEVER violence.

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    Very well said!

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    Where the fuck have you been buddy?
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    so good to have you back .

    I have always loved reading what you write.

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