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Thread: First stack cycle

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    First stack cycle

    This is my first stack cycle, I am 195 6ft and looking to build some lean muscle and loose a few bf% this my cycle to date:

    Tbol: 20mgs for 1-3

    Winnie: 4-10

    M1T: 4-7 10/10/20/20mgs

    Arimedex: .25 Ed 4-14

    Clen : 1-13 80/80/off/off/80/80/off/off/80/80/off/off/80

    Nac: 600mgs for 4-11

    Clomid: 11-16 100/100/100/50/50/50mgs

    I would love help, suggestions or any sort of advice. These are orals (winny, tbol, m1t) I thought the Mac would be a liver helper

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    Jul 2013
    Or should I take out the tbol and m1t for test prop 150mgs eod for 10 weeks

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    It's not a good stack. Here's why:
    You're 18 years old:
    When you ARE ready to cycle:

    Read these, follow their instructions and you'll get the physique you want. Good Luck.
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