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    First cycle diet tips

    Hello all,
    I'm going to be running my first anabolic cycle in about 7 days. I'm worried about what i should be eating though.

    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 233
    bf%: 20%? (judging by pictures/mirror)
    for reference (300 lb bench, 350 lb squat, 425 lb dead)

    I'm currently cutting in hopes of being 15% bf or lower by late may but i've been cutting for awhile and would like to add some nice size and strength while lowering bodayfat before summer. I'll be running super DMZ 2.0 an oral steroid for 4 weeks. My question concerns diet. If I'm trying to cut during this cycle what should my macros look like? I've found I, as an endomorph am very carb sensitive. I've also read a huge part of making the most of anabolics is eating relativity high carbs. Do you guys have any advice or suggestions to make so that i can make the most of a cutting cycle with the DMZ's?

    Any questions ask away and thank you all very much for your help in advance

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    Anyone got anything help is much appreciated lol

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    At 21 years old you are at your lifes peak of your own natural testosterone production, taking steroids will halt and completely shut down this natural production, and then you have 70% more chances of not recovering completely your testosterone once the natural production restarts.
    It is dumb not to wait till your hpta mature IMO.

    Read this:

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