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    1st Cycle Advice


    New to this forum and 22yrs of age looking for some tips/advice on my first cycle.

    Currently 6ft 2 weighing 205lb, I believe I have built a strong enough foundation to start. Diet is currently on point and weight training is going strong.

    After doing some research over the past few weeks and speaking to people I currently know have done cycles this is what its looking like. Just waiting for my syringes to come before I start. Also I haven't ordered HCG yet before I got advice on if I really need it for my first cycle, starting quite low on Test.

    Week Test E Anavar Arimadex HCG

    1 600mg 50mg 3 x 1mg 2 x 250iu
    2 600mg 50mg 3 x 1mg 2 x 250iu
    3 300mg 50mg 3 x 1mg 2 x 250iu
    4 300mg 50mg 3 x 1mg 2 x 250iu
    5 300mg 3 x 1mg 2 x 250iu
    6 300mg 3 x 1mg 2 x 250iu
    7 300mg 3 x 1mg 2 x 250iu
    8 300mg 3 x 1mg 2 x 250iu
    9 300mg 50mg 3 x 1mg 2 x 250iu
    10 300mg 50mg 3 x 1mg 2 x 250iu
    11 300mg 50mg 3 x 1mg
    12 300mg 50mg 3 x 1mg
    15,16 & 17 Nolvadex 40 / 20 / 20
    Clomid 100 / 50 / 50


    1. For a first cycle is front loading 600mg per week then dropping down to 300mg per week going to be effective ? I wanted to start my first cycle light due to my age and not knowing how my body is going to respond.

    2. Am I stacking Anavar correctly and with enough dosage ?

    3. Whats my Arminadex dosage looking like ?

    4. Whats best. To use 2 x 250iu a week of HCG for 10 weeks or use 2500iu per week for weeks 13/14

    5. Is my PCT looking good enough ?

    6. With Test E on weeks 3-12 should I take 2 x 150mg for example on Tuesday and Thursday or 1 hit of 300mg?

    7. Again this is my first cycle is 12 weeks to long ? I have tried to research everything before putting this together, so apologies if its way off. Friends of mine have not even bothered with PCT but I do want to keep my gains and try to limit the effects/damage done to my body.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks

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    Welcome to the forum!

    You may not want to hear it but I have to give it to you straight.

    You're an adult however your body and sex organs are still developing.

    These are very powerful hormones and there's a good chance that cycling now will have a profound effect on the quality of the rest of your life.

    ***Cycles going wrong for the young***

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    Got to agree with numbere. ^^^^^^

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