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Thread: what whould happend if a 15 year old whould start a 250mg of test-c every 3 day srs

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    what whould happend if a 15 year old whould start a 250mg of test-c every 3 day srs

    What whould happend!!!???

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    Read thread "the young and steriods "

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    73rr, we need to put it simple for kids, they dont want to read long sentences:

    what would happen?

    Short, premature, temporary if any gains in exchange for lifetime of:

    Erectile dysfunction
    Stunted growth
    A boy, yet to become a man during his next 10 year period will slowly turn in to a WOMAN due to damage caused using STEROIDS at such young age. And the only exit out of this ? NOT TO USE STEROIDS AT SUCH YOUNG AGE!

    Just eat frequent and dense quality foods, sleep at least 8-9h a day and train at least every other day till you cant do another rep of whatever you do, you will grow naturally now like most of us here age past 30+ and on steroids, now how is that as a trade-off?

    Instant gratification is not worth long time consequences, and stop listening to rich piano

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    Not here.
    Quick google search showed 7% of teens using steroids . An unfortunate reality. Since I've joined this forum I've admired the members stance on questions like these.

    Bignatty, you'd be making a mistake in which the physiological impact might be worse than pot, alcohol or tobacco use for that matter. What I mean by that is that the impact would be stronger and more noticeable at an early age than those. OK granted, addiction to alcohol/drugs would be worse, but the physical effects of AAS compared to recreational use of alcohol/pot would be. Plus there is the psychologically addicting element that you need to take into account.

    Do me a favor, get the movie called "Bigger, Faster, Stronger" about steroids, really an entertaining movie. As you watch it, keep in mind that since the movie was made, his two brothers are dead. I would love to have a conversation with you about what you thought of the movie.

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    You would become jay cutler at 17 obviously
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    If you start test at 15 you will stunt your skeletal growth, This is FACT! You will mess with your bodies' natural timing for fusing your growth plates prematurely.
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