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Thread: First cycle help please

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    First cycle help please

    How is this for a first cycle of anabolic steroids ?
    Day 1-70: 500mg Test C per 7 days
    Day 1-87: .25mg Arimidex every other day
    Day 88-94: 40mg Nolvadex every day
    Day 95-109: 20mg Nolvadex everyday

    Use Arimidex (Aromatase Inhibitor) every other day until/if gynecomastia like symptoms appear and then run normal dosages of Arimidex as well as 40mg Nolvadex (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator) per day until gynecomastia like symptoms have gone away

    5000mg Test Cypionate
    11mg Arimidex
    560mg Nolvadex

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    Well you're missing a few things that would really help.

    Blood work, hcg , and clomid.

    More importantly at 20 years old using AAS is not a good idea because your body and sex organs are still developing into your mid to late 20s.

    The risk of permanently damaging yourself is high at this age.
    The young and Steroids

    ***Cycles going wrong for the young***

    Explanation of HPTA / Endocrine System & How Steroids Affect You
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