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    Should i add Tren E to my cycle?

    After about 2 years of debating roids I've decided to go through with it. Im 6'1 210lbs and probably at 19% bf (i know its higher than it should be before a cycle, put on a good 15lbs during christmas). Id like to know if i should add anything to my cycle or leave it as it is, my goal is to throw on as much muscle as possible. Im planning on doing 12 weeks of a bulk and then 4 weeks of a cut to lean out. Currently doing:

    -Test Cyp 500mg/wk (sun/thurs)
    -12.5mg AI EOD
    -Nolvadex as PCT

    Ive been debating whether i should add tren e for 8 weeks at 400mg/wk or winstrol towards the end. Thanks

    Side Note: Im 5 pins in and I'm having some serious pain in my lower back when i sit hunched over, is this normal on test cyp??
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    Read this, your cycle needs additions but not the one you want.

    Don't cut at the end, you will likely lose what you gain but bulking at 19% then having to eat more through PCT and beyond? Well, you can see what will probably happen.

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    Welcome to the forum. You need some reading to do. Read all the posts marked "Important!". This will give you a really good understanding if you should run Tren or not. As a matter of fact, if you should even cycle or not.


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