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Thread: First Cycle Advice

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    First Cycle Advice

    Hey, I'm Deft, and I thought it might be a good idea to ask the wise and experienced members of this hallowed board for advice before I took the plunge on my first cycle with more than just Test e.

    It's my cutting phase, and I'm looking to retain my lean muscle mass using Anavar , I had been looking at Trenabol, but decided to wait for a while and become more experienced first.

    Atm, my plan is to use 350 mg/week of Test-E
    Along with 80 mg/day of Anavar

    I'm considering adding Nolvadex and HCG during the cycle, to reduce side effects of testiculartrophy and estrogen production, and then commence a standard Nolvadex PCT.

    My time frame is a 10 week cycle, with a 4-6 week PCT.

    So what do you guys think? is that reaonable?

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    Read the young and steroids thread bro at 18 you are way to young and can damage your body.
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