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Thread: New Strongman Needing Cycle Advice

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    New Strongman Needing Cycle Advice

    Hi Guys and Gals I'm brand New to this forum. A little about myself, I'm 23yrs old, I've been bodybuilding for about 4 years now making a fluctuation worth of GAINZ. I've just recently joined a Strongman Gym, with the goal of entering WSM someday. I have dabbled in anabolic Steroids prior to writing this thread but nothing to crazy.

    First Cycle (Starting weight 190lbs to 215lbs)
    1cc of Sust. For 10 weeks.
    No PCT
    (No sides whatsoever)
    However after that Cycle I took a full year off before trying anything else again.

    My Second Cycle consisted of:
    1cc of Test E. Mon and Thursday
    1cc of Mast E. Mon and Thursday
    For 10 weeks
    The reasoning for this was to gain lean mass and help my shoulder injury recover faster during this time period.
    Following up with this Cycle I did do PCT.
    Test Boosters
    Arimdex(on hand)
    For 4 Weeks
    (Starting at 205-225)
    No sides whatsoever

    It's been 7 months to date that I've yet to touch another Steroid . My strength has been maintained along with my preferred weight at this point. I want to get serious and go all out (responsibly of course) and come up with a new Cycle. I have a nutritionist helping me with my diet, I have the gym and training program that suits me. I need advice on how to approach a strength stack.( apologies for the dragged out question)

    From my own Research this is what I've made up for my strength Cycle:
    Week1-10 : 1cc of Sust. Monday and Thursday
    Week3-8 : 50mg Anadrol ED
    Week3-10: 50mg Tren Ace EOD

    This is what I would like to have answered:
    1. Is this a suitable stack for gaining Strength?

    2. What would you alter, add on , take away etc. from this stack?

    3. What would you recommend for PCT and for how long?

    4. If you have taken this stack before or something similar what was your expierence like? Where you satisfied with the end result?

    Any and all positive information and critics would be very much appreciated. Thanks you

    23yrs Old
    6'ft tall
    33"in waist
    17% BF
    Deadlift 515x1
    Squat. 495x3
    Bench. 295x1
    Strict Press 125x8
    Log Press 125x8
    (This is all I could come up with as far as my stats go)

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    Even though it's not your first cycle, take some time and read the Successful First Cycle Sticky Thread at the top of this forum so you learn exactly how you should do things with safety and health in mind, not to mention important ancillaries that you are missing.
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    Also, read the young and steroids sticky

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    I always worry about young athletes taking Tren . I have a love/hate relationship with Tren. It's the mother of all steroids , 10 out of 10. It also has really bad sides like loss of libido and erectile dysfunction. There are so many posts on this forum of young guys trying to figure out how to recover their limp units. Read the following posts. Marcus knows what he's talking about.
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