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Thread: Tren cut

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    Tren cut

    What's up guys, planning a new cycle for january.

    Planning for a cutting cycle.

    Latest cycle was a big bulk; gained 20kgs

    It was, tren /test/eq/dbol

    So my stats are:

    Planned to do this.

    Tren A 100mg eod (weeks 1-14)
    Test P 100mg eod (weeks 1-14)
    Clenbuterol (not sure how long or how much!)
    Anavar 30mg ed (weeks 1-14)

    Got pct ready, hcg for cycle, and adex/caber
    What do you think about it? Any type of critique is welcome. Input and tips are also welcome.

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    my cycle similar...except I started with npp first half finishing with tren back doing clen at 120...trembling like I have Parkinson's disease...using winny 125...drinking it to make up the loss of not injecting.....i feel should do good to

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    Wait, I just responded to you in another identical post. Scratch everything I said. Dude, you're 21. You're going to regret running Tren right now. Sadly, there are so many more where these came from.
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