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Thread: Help me plan out a Post Shoulder Surgery Bulk Cycle

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    Help me plan out a Post Shoulder Surgery Bulk Cycle

    Hello all
    I started to plan out my own cycle but then realized I do not know enough and could really mess something up so I thought to reach out for guidance and recommendations.

    So I am 33 I currently weight 220 lbs with an approx BMI of 10%

    I recently had shoulder surgery to clean up my dominate shoulder. I have not been in the gym for 3 months and will most likely not be allowed to do full body workouts for another 3 months. So I have to ability to really plan this out.

    I have done 5 cycles in the past few years alternating between bulk and cutting. I mainly sticked the the basic cycles like Test C, Test P with Masteron P, and I did one with test P and Tren for a short while but had to stop due to the side effects of the Tren. Each cycle was properly finished with a PCT cycle using Clomid and Nolvadex with no lingering affects.

    Anyway I want to make a big comeback. I have lost a lot of mass and strength so far and want to make it back.

    I am looking to do a 12 week Bulking cycle

    I could really use some recommendations since I am not as experienced as some of you on here. I will plan and post the cycle as recommendations come.

    What are your suggestions?


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    Having had two shoulder surgeries, just don’t rush it. My second was because I was to impatient with my first.
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    "Juice slow, train smart, it's a long journey."

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    Body building is a way of life..........but can not get in the way of your life.

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    coming back after surgery you don't want to push yourself too hard . so I would stick to compounds that are low on the androgenic scale. last thing you need is to be overly aggressive pumped full of androgens and over confidence and push too hard.
    shoot for low dose test cycle mixed with one non androgenic anabolic and one anabolic that is estrogenic to help promote growth. stay away from things like high dosages of Test, or any dose of Tren , Halo.

    low dose test with EQ and Dbol would be a fit for what I'm saying. or low dose test with deca or npp and perhaps anadrol . again, highly anabolic, low androgenic, with one compound to add to the estrogenic effect (being test needs to be low and can't rely on that for the estrogenic effect)

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    Personally I wouldn't rush back into cycling even though it can help with recovery with your situation and being out of the gym and having lost much size I'd play it slow and listen to your body and try and gain some size back naturally at this stage. Steroids could mask some signals which in turn could go onto longer recovery or further injury.

    Build some natural strength back up in the area and listen to your body. Best of luck and train smart

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    You can easily gain back most of what you lost really quickly WITHOUT steroids .
    Muscle memory is your friend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MuscleScience View Post
    Having had two shoulder surgeries, just don’t rush it. My second was because I was to impatient with my first.
    Ditto, but I was not on AAS at the time.
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    I can see what you mean. The last thing I want to do is re-injure myself
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    Just take it slow bro you will be better off in the long run.

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    It'll be closer to a year before you'll really be able to push on that shoulder. Go slow. When I got my shoulder surgery I went hard on the good shoulder. I just wanted to keep in shape. When I finally got my shoulder ready to workout, I found that my shoulder development was totally asymmetrical. My good shoulder had 9 more months of intense training and it was so much rounder and larger. It took me better part of 2 years to get the 2 shoulders to look symmetrical. It was the same for my Lats. The good side was so much more developed. Just go slow and ease back into the workouts. There's no rush.

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