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    Advice after my first cycle

    Hey guys,

    After my first cycle, I have just done my blood works again 2-3 months as I can start to feel some side-effects such as water retention, fatigue, low sex drive and fat depositing around my abdomen area. Lo and behold, my E2 levels results came out high at 249 pmol/L (normal range is 50-150). My other values if of significance, is test 20nmol/L, free test 492 pmol/L, SHBG 24 nmol/L, FSH 2IU/L, LH 5.9 IU/L, progresterone 2nmol/L and Prolactin 288 mIU/L (which are all within normal limits).

    My cycle included 500mg of Test E per week for 12 weeks. I also stacked 50mg of Anavar ED on week 4-8. I did not use an AI during the cycle. After my cycle, my PCT consisted of 4 weeks of:
    Clomid: 75mg ED / 50mg ED / 50mg ED / 25mg ED
    Nolvadex : 40mg ED / 40mg ED / 20mg ED / 20md ED

    My current stats are 25 year old, 177cm and 84.5kg. My pre-cycle BF was 13.2% - I am due to check for my BF again but from the elevated E2, I feel like it has exponentially grown.

    I unfortunately did not do baseline blood work up before doing this cycle so I cannot compare my current BW to BL (silly, I know).

    Now, with my elevated E2 and my side effects, what is my best management from here? Should I start taking nolva and arimidex to control it? If so, what should be my dosage be? Even with sufficient PCT, what could be the cause of elevated E2?

    In hindsight, I think I missed a few doses on my PCT which could be the attributing factor here.

    Anyways, any input would be great. Sorry for my long-winded post, I'm still a newbie.


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    Wow, E2 levels results came out high at 249 pmol/L (normal range is 50-150) that is high. I am going to pass on this one and let someone else help you.

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    You didn't take an AI during your cycle so a lot of your exogenous Test has amoritized. You probably had a ton of E2 when you started PCT. You have really low Test level along with FSH and LH so I'm assuming your natural Test production post PCT has not started. You're still shut down. Who ever told you to do this cycle, kick him in the nards.

    You may need to run Scully's Power PCT. This is serious stuff. You can't miss doses.

    Below is a synopsis of Scally's Power PCT program. Thanks to numbere for his post. (

    Part I

    The first half begins with administering an hCG challenge test consisting of 1,000-2,500 IU every other day for 15 days. At the of the 15 day period one should have a full hormone. A failed test for sufficient leydig cell functionality is when total test levels reside in the low 20% of the adult male reference range, which is about 400 ng/dl. If one is unable to attain normal levels through the hCG challenge then they are likely suffering from primary hypogonadism. This means that if SERM treatment in Part II is successful then natural test levels will likely be less than desirable.

    Part II

    The second half of the protocol uses nolva and clomid in order to stimulate the hypothalamus to produce gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) and the pituitary to release luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). LH will then signal the leydig cells to begin test production and FSH communicate with the sertoli cells to begin spermatogenesis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fateunification View Post
    my E2 levels results came out high at 249 pmol/L (normal range is 50-150).
    is this total estrogen or E2??

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