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Thread: Oxandrolone Q's

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    Oxandrolone Q's

    I am a 27 man now 14 days into a 10mg Oxandrolone a day treatment, 5mg every 12 hours, for the next 4 to 6 months. To really understand my situation you have to know I have been suffering from a neural degenerative disease for 2 decades. I have spent the last 6 out of 8 years not able to walk or use my muscles. Now walking and lifting 4-5 times a week. Seeing results that never could have existed just 2 years ago.

    I am taking this as an experiment with other drugs delivered low dose over long periods for neuro-regenerative effects. I started the first stages of different drug treatments back in November and have seen significant gains in neural motor function and have gone from weighing 106 to 126 in 5 months. Most gains being from lean muscle mass staying around a low 7% body fat from the beginning. I've gone from having a skeletal figure to being clearly on the path to bulking and over all great toned ripped look. Bulking on muscles that had previously not existed on Electromyography is a truly incredible feat. This is when my doctors and I decided I can move onto the next stage of drug treatment using Oxandrolone in the mix siting neuro-regenerative effects from a single case study with very similar conditions. Now here is where I can finally start asking questions or even find new questions I can bring to my doctors.

    Are these dosages so low that I don't need to worry about suppression or was this something my doctors and I overlooked?

    Do I need a PCT or something to take during cycle to hinder suppression?

    What should I be looking for from blood work that might help me foresee whether or not PCT or something right now is needed?

    14 days in without having sought out these questions beforehand have I already messed up?

    My doctors and I are developing a treatment for a neural degenerative conditions where none existed prior so don't assume that if it was a problem my doctor would of told me. We don't know everything we're doing and if you have the time to be a resource for that and respond to this it is greatly appreciated!
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    It will suppress your natural testosterone production and there is no reason for you not to do some kind of PCT. The problem with your experiment is the same with all similar experiments, you'll suffer from anabolics steroid induced hypogonadism (low test from AAS) and will have a hard time maintaining what you gained and it is bad for your health to go through low test. I highly recommend you read this and give it to your doctor's too:

    Check out the TRT section for what to include in blood work to check for.

    It would be better to have done bloods before treatment... If you had low testosterone , then TRT would be an option and would add lots of muscle on you. Testosterone is bad in only excessive amounts. Drugs like oxandrolone will wreak havoc on your lipids at miniscule doses, even 7.5mg per day is enough to suppress your HDL by 44
    Which is why I thought mentioning TRT might be better if you already suffer from low.

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    Actually, I take back the suggestion of TRT. I'm not a doctor, I don't know if that is for you. However you should read Dr Scally's book to see what I mean about the suppression and keeping the gains. And take into consideration the atherogenic effects of oxandrolone and try to lessen the impact... kelkel did a nice experiment you'd find useful:

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    Sort of in line with what cousin said, it sounds like your var will be a somewhat long term plan so in a sense, you could treat it as TRT. Even at at a low does, it will suppress your natural test production. Did you have blood work done before starting? If not, i'd recommend getting it now to check hormone, lipid and other levels. Then repeat again when you drop the var.

    Since I've been on TRT for more than 10 years, I can't answer the PCT questions. Not something I need.

    It's awesome that you're getting benefits from your treatments. Best of luck in the future.

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    you'll have mild suppression. get blood work done every few months and see where your levels are at. you do NOT need to do any sort of PCT with only 10mg of Var (adding cancer drugs to the mix is really unnecessary considering your circumstances). getting on TRT may be of benefit to you and will likely help your situation and better your current health problems .

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