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Thread: Cycle #2

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    Cycle #2

    Dbol kickstart 50mg weeks 1-5
    Test e 500mg first 10 weeks last 10 weeks 750mg
    Decca 400 mg bump to 500 or 600 mg during mid cycle
    Aromsin 12.5 every other day
    Hcg 250mg every 4 days
    On cycle support AAS by enchanted athlete
    Muti vitm and fish oil
    Cycle duration 20 weeks

    clomid 50/50/25/25
    Nova 40/40/25/25
    Natural t booster
    And an AI arim-RX by enhanced athlete

    Any changes or anything i should do with this cycle to make it better?or does it sound good?? Please and thank you

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    Holy shit, is that all you want to run?

    What was your first cycle?

    What are your stats man? Post a pic of your current physique.

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    You were already given all the correct advice in your other thread

    - Scotch provided you the two links to read

    - BB and Deadlifting Dog gave you the honest truth

    - I already told you Test Boosters and supplements that are "AAS support" don't do anything and are a waste of money.

    Nothing has changed in the last 6 days

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