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Thread: Water Weight

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    Water Weight

    On my first cycle of Test E @ 500mg p/week. I'm starting week 3. I'm up 6-7lbs which I attribute is 90% water weight. Does this sound about right? Does this accumulation of water weight begin to slow down at some point?? If so, when? Not taking an A.I. at this point.

    Some variables - Eating a moderate-low sodium diet, drinking plenty of water, eating whole foods, minimum processed foods, Cardio every day. I'm estimating I've been eating about 15% above my TDEE these last two weeks.

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    IMO, yeah, that's about right. And yes, the water retention will eventually level off (ignoring a bit of variance for daily activity).

    Best of luck,
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    water retention can be beneficial for mass gains if thats your goal

    if you don't want a lot of water retention then simply run compounds that don't cause it (no need to run 500mg of test just cause your on cycle).. but again if your trying to put on size the water retention (osmotic super compensation) is going to help
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