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Thread: So fat.

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    So fat.

    Hello friends.

    I need some help. I am 38 years old. my test levels when I had blood done a year ago was in low 300s. I went from 280lbs over 12 months to 180lbs upuntil a year ago. I did that using trt level testosterone , t3 and somewhat high doses of clen and medium amounts of exercise through my job working outdoors. now I am in an office job. I have regained 40lbs. I am gaining tons of weight in my midsection, the chest and belly. I don't know what to do. I feel like damn excrement.

    My diet is not horrible, I am not eating Wendy's and pizza everyday. I am not overeating. Food intake is standard.

    I don't want to take testosterone anymore due to hair loss. and I don't want to take finasteride to counteract the trt hair loss. should I go back to taking t3? I don't have insurance and it's not easy to get due to the difficulties of ordering research chemicals compared to 1-2 years ago, it is a bit of a challenge.

    for a few weeks (until last week) I tried taking 1/4 of a 25mg exemestane pill ED that I picked up at a foreign pharmacy while on my honeymoon. I still have a lot of that left. But it didn't do anything except also cause hair loss, reduce libido, cause mood swings, cause neck acne, and help my ejaculate become thin and have very impressive exit velocity. My reasoning was that my midsection fat was coming from high E2 and the exemestane was boosting my test levels while suppressing E2. I am open to try taking 1/8 of a 25mg exemestane tablet ED if anyone thinks that would help me get going in the right direction.

    I am lost. please help. Thank you.

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    Hello and welcome,

    Regarding TRT just find a better doctor that is better informed on TRT. This info should be helpful:
    and the stickies in here:

    Exemestane for increasing test is a double edged sword IMO, it will do so slightly but will lower your estrogen... A normal 80-100mg testosterone enanthate /cypionate per week should get your T levels normal and convert to enough estrogen... Post in the TRT section they can help you better.

    Regarding the diet you could get more opinions if you posted up your diet and all your macros.
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