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Thread: HGH Reconstitution Question. This math is killing me...

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    HGH Reconstitution Question. This math is killing me...

    I cant get my math worked out for some reason its like a block in my brain. So I have vials of 30mg HGH and the kit came with the Bac water in 2ml vials as well. If I put the 2ml into the 30mg vial I will get a dose of 6.66. Im currently taking 1.5mg per injection.
    My last vials came in 10mg HGH so I diluted with 1ml bac water and just did 15 on the slin pin for my 1.5mg per injection. The issue is I dont think the small vial can hold 3ml of bac water and I dont think 1ml is enough to properly reconstitute the HGH. Also I cant get my brain around how many IU to get my 1.5mg to take per shot if I do the 2ml into the 30mg.

    Can someone please help here? IDK why I just cant get my head around the math on this.

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    I started getting a little confused during your description... You wanted 1.5iu correct?
    30iu diluted by a factor of 2:
    30 iu 2 ml = 15 iu/ml
    15 iu/ml and need some percentage of it to get 1.5iu per dose:
    15 iu/ml * X ml = 1.5 iu
    And I get:
    X = .10 ml
    Idk what unit your pins are. It's either going to be 10 or .1
    I'm pretty confident that's the answer, but will not be offended if someone disagrees
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    I used this educational thread to help

    1.) How much actual HGH you are dealing with (read from the vial)
    2.) How much water (dilutent) you are using to add to the actual HGH.
    3.) Divide the amount of water in units by the amount of GH in units.
    4.) This result will equal the measurement on your U100 Insulin syringe per unit of GH.
    5.) multiply the number you get it step 4 by how many units you want to inject. This is the number to draw to on your syringe.


    Ill show my math because I'm not sure how you get the number you do.

    1) 30IU
    2) 200IU
    3) 200 30 = 6.66
    4) 6.66
    5) 6.66 X 1.5IU = 10

    ok, wow apparently after very long workdays is not the best time for me to do the math. Im not sure why I could not follow this any of the times I attempted it but ill just blame it on exhaustion. Yes Hold my beer, you are correct. Thank you for the help, I had to go back to the original formula I was using and work the numbers and I got the same number as you did.

    To think im very good with math and I do it all day long for my business, im really speechless....
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    I use genotropin quick pens and they are great, ready to go

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    I’m going to confuse you but I don’t mean to. My omnitrope gas 5.8 mg in it. I was told when I reconstitute it with 1 ml of bacteriostatic water it equals around 16 IUs. No matter what insulin syringe if you look at the 10 then 20 etc those are increments that 10 of those goes to 100iu but equals 1 cc of mixture. So I’m my case 16 IU in 1cc equals 16 divided by 10 equals 1.6 IU in each of those lines that say 10 20 etc. I would figure out how many IU is in that 30mg vial.

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