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    Bouncing back...

    Hello Boys and Girls,

    After a 2nd broken neck (yes, really - apparently I'm just really hard to kill) I'm ready to reclaim my gym body. Summer is coming, and I'm way to vane and shallow not to. At different times in the past I have used both Androstenedione and various injectable cycles. Now that I'm back in the gym, I'm trying to decide how I want to supplement. I have a spinal cord injury to manage now. Although I'm in no way fragile, lifting is and will always be very painful for me from now on. I'm determined to reclaim my body, but for that reason I need to get the most out of every minute I can be in the gym. While I got great results from injectables, I don't really care to deal with the negative side effects now. When I used Androstenedione back in the '90s I got great results and I don't remember having any of the negative side effects. So, I think prohormones are the way for me to go this time. I'm looking for suggestions on what is the best product on the market now. I've read great things about Heladrol. Thoughts? Any help, recommendations, links are greatly appreciated. I'm so ready to roll, so please help a brother out.

    While prohomones is what I'm primarily interested/looking, I'm also curious about SARMS . Thoughts?

    Mucho Thankso,
    Omar X
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    Welcome and good luck with your quest. Re-post your questions here:

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    Hey, I have used Ostarine with some real success. Put on about ten lbs of lean mass on I think 6 week cycle. Followed up with a test booster and kept most of my gains. Had very little sides, but as I understand it, it's new so I stopped just because I don't know long term effects. I took powder form in pills and I have heard that this is superior to the liquid because how it breaks down. I did also get very mild suppression but have heard others get none. In any case it was overall a great experience and I am considering using it in PCT now that I've made the leap to AAS.

    Best of luck

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    Welcome to the forum.

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