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    Exclamation Gyno help needed

    Hi All,

    I was already 3 weeks into growth hormone (3IUs/day) to heal my joints after quitting Oly lifting - started beginning of June, and just started my first cycle 2 weeks ago on June 24th. I got my growth from a guy in town (BossPharma) and my cycle from Transpharma (online order).

    Week 1: 350 Test E (0.4 injections EOD), anavar (60mg/day), Gh (3IUs/day - 1.5 morning, 1.5 after lifting). Asin (12.5mg every third day)
    I had no clue what was wrong with the Var, but I gained 25lbs in a week. Then after consulting some of the guys at the gym, it was apparent my var was cut HEAVY with dbol or something.
    Day 9: gyno development, stopped taking Transpharmaís Var, and got some from Pareto.
    Day 10-13: 60 var (Pareto), TEST E (0.4mL EOD) and ASIN 12.5 EOD, GH 3IUs/day
    Day 14: gyno was super sensitive. Got Letro from a friend (2.5mg taken on day 14)
    Day 15-now (18): 1.25 mg And ASIN 12.5mg ED.

    I had heard that Letro was supposed to dry me out and give me dry lips and aching joints and lots of other low E2 sides but I have gotten none of them.

    Nipples still puffy, but less puffy than the first letro dose and also less sensitive.
    No water weight dropped: was 84kg before starting cycle, 94kg after week 1, still hovering around 92-93kg.


    1. How many days till I can see water weight dropping?

    2. Should I be dropping var completely?

    3. When I take my ASIN, should it be followed by fats or not? (Iíve heard and read a lot of different things on this)

    4. Has Transpharma always been this way? I recall them being fairly reputable about a year ago or so on Reddit, but the forum there got take down. I got my Asin from them too, could that be completely bunk garbage too? How can I test the Asin?

    5. Does anybody know of a reputable source for Caber and Ralox in Canada or specifically, Alberta?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who has a response for any of the questions

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    Since this forum is for introductions only, paste this post here for more views and responses.....

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