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    Anabolic Warfare's "Alpha Shr3ADed" - 3-AD based PH. Anyone else trying it?

    Hey everyone, first off: I know PH's suck compared to the real thing. But I decided I wanted to start with something a little more tame so I can test the waters before going into something like Test or Tren , or even stronger PH's. That being said:

    I've gone from bodybuilding, to dropping tons of weight for road cycling, to not lifting at all, to lifting specifically for rock climbing, etc. Basically I've been all over the place. Keto, Paleo, Vegan, and everything in between.

    I was sleeping one night, and I heard a voice speak to me as I was nodding off. It was Lord Gains, and he told me it was time to get swole again. All of these regiments I've been following have been great, but my mesomorph frame really caters to a bigger, sculpted build. So I decided to dive back in and here we are.

    I'm doing a 5x5/bodybuilding hybrid, basically doing 5x5 lifts 4x/week, along with accessory workouts with higher reps (3x8-10) to help get the bodybuilder look. I want to get strong but dear lord, I do not want to look like a fat powerlifter. I think a hybrid plan will work best.

    As far as supps go, I'm taking BCAA's. That's about it.

    AH, and a prohormone. Anabolic Warfare's Alpha Shr3aded. 3-AD is the main PH, along with Androsterone-3-acetate and an absorption accelerator (making sure the PH gets into your bloodstream before your stomach melts it.)

    This is a new supplement (came out in May?), so I haven't really seen much of anything about it here. But I wanted to know if anyone had experience with it, or the company that manufactures it (5 Star Nutrition).

    Just because the prospect of gyno scares the tits out of me I'm taking Estro One, a pretty basic estrogen blocker, and I'll be doing a PCT afterwards.

    I'm 4 days in and I'm happy with my lifts. But we'll wait and see if it has any huge effect. I did an underwater BF/weight test, and at the start I was :

    6' 0.5"
    218.0 lbs.
    15.6% BF

    I'm hoping to keep the weight the same, and increase skeletal muscle mass. I'm going to get retested every two weeks.

    We'll see how it goes. And if you're using this supp or something similar, please let me know how it's working for you!

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    Better off just taking creatine, it's the most effective thing you can supplement with besides test.
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