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    I am wondering about the importance of stretching and maybe about something new and when the best time to do it is... I usually stretch at night and before and after the gym but lately I have been slacking and I don't really see any difference. so any new info would be appreciated.

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    Cold stretching is fine, but in order to get a good deep stretch, you will need to warm up whatever muscle you are stretching. Take legs for instance: you should to some light jogging or body weight squats etc to get your muscles warm and then proceed to stretching them.

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    I would say warm up is more important than a deep stretch. I have seen more injuries from not warming up and starting too heavy and tearing something.

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    Studies show that stretching before workouts decreases strength. I do mobility work before my workouts and stretching after or on non-lifting days. I do the same with my clients and have had very good results...

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    Stretching actually has a negitive effect if you do not stretch the muscle for 20 seconds or longer. Any shorter and your muscle actually constricts and tightens. You want to loosen and extend your muscle before, after and durring your workout. A good warm up is needed as well. I think waiting till after your workout might not be as good as before, but I guess as long as you do something to prepair your muscles it helps.

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    From my Q&A thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by MuscleScience View Post
    If your weight training stretching can actually be counter productive. It can cause a reduction in the amount of weight one can lift.

    If your going to be engaging in some sort of athletic event then stretching after a good warm up is beneficial at preparing you for that particular event.

    However stretching has not been shown, pre competition or pre workout to reduce the risk of injury.
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