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    Hey guys,

    I noticed recently I am developing some noticeable (to me anyway) asymmetry in my upper body. I am not that defined but it is still noticeable in arms, chest and back (lats). I have always been much stronger with my dominant hand (left) so have done DB exercises primarily to try and grow evenly. I didn't really notice much difference until the last several months when I started failing much earlier on R on DB seated shoulder press, DB incline press, and now notice on Hammer Strength lat pull down and HS iso bench.

    Any ideas why this would be happening? I have never experienced it before to this degree. I try to train hard, go to failure, use rest-pause, drop sets, etc. But I can crank out 2-4 more reps on L side now and that is more than ever before. It's like my gear went mainly to my left side ffs.

    I can go to BB but it whacks my shoulder on military press and bench.

    Any thoughts on this?

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    pinched cervical nerve by chance?
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    See a chiro with his advanced degree in applied kinesiology. They can do amazing things. Consider it a tune up!
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    That looks really nice man

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    Yeah def hit the chiro, misalignment can cause alot of unnoticed issues.

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    Question along these lines...I have an asymmetry in bicep with R > L. I do get regular chiro tune-ups. Assuming it is not a nerve deficit how would someone fix something like this overtime? Would I just do an extra set of curls on my left side? Or would you go so far as to skip an exercise on the right but still do the left for X number of weeks.

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