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    I heated my Test400

    Hey Dudes, I read posts saying that you can heat your vial of test to help rid of the BA content. I put my Test400 in an oven at about 225 degrees for about 10 mins to rid the BA.

    But now into my 5th week I am worried that I ruined the Testosterone in it. I mean I feel the test so its not like its completely gone.....but Is it ok??????? Did I mess anything up as far as potency?

    This is my first cycle. Thanks

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    G-S Guest
    In the oven? I thought running it under hot water for a few minutes would suffice...

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    I wouldn't think it would of hert any thing, who completely knows unless you have it tested for potency before and after heating.
    I like the placing a pin in the top to aspirate and boiling the gear in water for a bout 10 minutes to reduce the BA content.
    This worked well for the sus 300 i've used.

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    Mike Guest
    Running under the water just helps alleviate the injection pain - doesn't actually kill bacteria or reduce alcohol content. No you didn't ruin your gear. BUT having that tested at this point will be futile in that it most likely would not have test at 400mg/ml anyway.

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    daumm you are heatin your gear up alot eh? I am with Mike here, heating under some warm/hot water helps with the inject, but man, what the hell are you heating you test with a blow torch?

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