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    FULLY NUDE!!! me!

    Got it all ready now but one question?B4 I start again.

    Now, that I have everything .. and everything being my gear and know how thanks to you gents and reading. I have one question.

    I stopped mid cycle of test prop of about 4 weeks due to gyno. I have since stopped the gear and started taking nolvadex at 40mg for the first week, sorta helped, 80mg is now doing the trick the second week.

    Now that I have my gear and wanna finish this cycle (correctly) cause I am whittling away here.

    I was wondering any thoughts of how long till I can get back on?
    *****Keeping in mind the lump is still there but the overall nipple senstivity is gone.**** If I get back on what are the chancs of the gyno starting up again while I am running the nolvadex, (none really right?) that way I can get back on.

    Or is that not smart to do till the gyno is gone/better?

    here is my cycle

    1-8 100mgs test Prop EOD (or till it runs out)
    3-8 50mg ED of winstrol tabs
    5-11 Clen 2 days on and 2 days off for a total of 6 weeks or till done
    ***1-13 60mg nolva+l-dex 0.25 ED***
    ***8-13 40mg nolva+clomid PCT***
    V B-6 200 mg/day

    week1 300x1,100x6
    2 100x4 50x3
    3 50 x 7

    also the *** is the nolva needed at that high considering the boat I am in? or stay at 80 while running for some more time and then drop to 60 after I see some of it going away?

    LOTSA question?

    I need yah's

    thanks for any help.

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    I would wait awhile to see if the lump decipates.

    And yes, you can still get gyno while on nolva

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