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Thread: Winny Advice

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    Question Winny Advice

    Hey guys. Need your advice. I already have winny depot on hand so im deciding whether or not to use it in my cycle, now I am just wondering if I should run it for 4 or 6 wks at 50mg ED. My cycle that I'm planning to do is

    Test Ena 500 / wk Weeks 1-12
    Dbol 25-30 ED Weeks 1-4


    Nolv & L-dex
    10mg ED .25 ED

    If I was to run winny on the 10th WK upto and thru the 15 wk (50mg ED), would this be ideal as opposed to 10wk upto and thru 13 wk (50mg ED). Let me know your expert opinions on this. Thanx to all

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    9-14 is optimal in this cycle.

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