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Thread: winny cycle

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    Exclamation winny cycle

    I want to get defined, so would it be wise to do just a winny cycle for 8 wks?
    I am 220 lbs at 5'11. I was told since it is my 1st cycle just to do 100 mg a week of winny, would that give any results? Aslo what would be a good combo and can i do a test after about 4 wks of just winny?

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    if its your 1st will grow nevertheless. Test and winny is good. Ive heard of others saying Deca and winny are a perfect combo. But you can nevr go wrong w/ test.

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    100mg winny x week is too low (you should take 50mg e.d. for max 5-6 weeks, better at the and of your cycle.
    as shredder says, use test with it!
    do some research on first cycles (in the educational forum ull find some good info!).
    good luck

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    Winny should be at 50mgs per day..You need to throw some test in the mix-regardless. Winny at anything less than 6 weeks is a total waste. Winny is used to solidify the gains of test-not vice versa. Run the winny after you have been on the test for while.

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    I had some winny in my first cycle and it takes a while for the winny to kick in if you dont run it with anything else. Plus it dries your joints up and can make liftin more painful if ran alone, but overall i like it...

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