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    Question Should I use cytomel ???

    My friend just gave me 500 tabs of t3 today and right now i am half way through my pct from my first AS cycle, i would like to lose some fat so if i were to use it now would it be bad being im in pct or should i wait until pct is over??

    Is this stuff going to eat me up being that im not on test at the time? i was going to use it like this:
    day 1-7 1 tab
    day 8-14 2 tabs
    day 15-21 1 tab
    day 22-28 1/2 tab

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    Your gonna get some replies on this one, t3 to a certain extent burns muscle as well as fat, thats why many people advise to use small amounts of aas while on t3, so using it during pct when ur trying to keep your gains, wouldnt seem to make much sense.....There is the use of small amounts of t3 to help w/ protein synthesis, but thats another isssue and not why your looking to use it.....
    I would say a definate no, do not use during pct

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    definitely not w/ out some sort of AAS. because T3 can become catabolic, and you stamd a high chance to lose your hard earned gains. i ran T3 alongside w/ Prop@100 eod, EQ@400mg EW, and Winny@100 EOD, while getting ready for a show, and the AAS acted as a buffer from muscle wasting while dieting aggressively for the show.

    consider usage of T3 after your PCT of your previous cycle. incorporate it in your next, but until then, just clean up ypur diet and bump up your cardio..


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