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    A Cycle I'm starting- any advice


    I've done a 6 week cycle of sus in the past. I'm about to start a new cycle:
    Sus 250 (every 4 days) for 7 weeks stacked with a finaplix (100. . . although I read that it can only actually be 66mg) injection every 2 days. I'm coming off on deca (spectro labs) and winstrol for 4 weeks and then weaning into a bit of primo depot for about 4 weeks. I intend on ending with HGC (I think that's its name) about 1 week after the last primo injection.

    Glad I'm married to an RN.

    I'm taking thistle milk and drinking 2 glasses of cranberry juice every day, and I'm generally following the diet listed on the main page.

    Any sugestions on other supliments or on ways to improve the cycle.

    Looking forward to loosing more body fat (went down 3 pant sizes on the last cycle) and being huge when it's over (I'm big but not ripped now).

    thanks for the help


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    I'd skip the Hcg and go with Clomid post cycle. Ed threads has a good post on it. Nolva/Arimidex on hand for gyno.
    Supps sre a mosh posh of suggestions. IMO, zinc 50mg ED. Soy isoflavones @ 120mg ED (personal preferance) I can't comment on fina since I don't know much about it. Though I'd stack the sus with dbol or deca . That seems to be a popular stack with sus250. Of course, a good protein shake with good BCAA's and creatine. You can get them real cheap at "ALLSPORTSNUTRITION.COM" Peace

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    You don't need HCG , get Clomid for post cycle.

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    Some kind of padded room...wearing some kinda white jacket...can't!
    I concur

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