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    Not sure - move a lot.

    Cycle thoughts....

    This is roughly my 6th cycle so far... my last was a fina/test combination for cutting. At this point, even though I know it's summer, I'm wanting to bulk up.... so here's what I'm looking at:

    1-4 Dbol - 50mg daily (british dragons)
    1-16 - Test Enthantate 750mg
    1-16 - Testoviron 500mg
    10-16 - Fina 75mg

    Am I over doing it? I've started the enthantate but have not yet begun the testoviron... wondering if it's just too much test, even though it's my 6th cycle. Opinions please.... I don't seem too much of a candidate for side effects except when running fina/deca due to progesterone - tits get sore and secrete fluid.... So with strictly test I figure I'll be ok... but I don't wanna waste anything obviously...

    Thanks in advance bro's!

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    hmm test e 750mg/wk and testoviron ? do you really need both
    id just run test e 750mg/wk

    but the rest looks ok

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    thats 1250 mgs test a week... if you think you're up for it... i say more power to ya bro.

    i'm on prob my 7th cycle and im only running 750 mgs enth. for bulking, and since you dont like deca ... mabye throw in some eq at 600 mgs ew and extend the tren .

    id run it like this...

    1-13 test enth 750 mgs ew
    1-12 eq 600 mgs ew
    8-15 tren ace. 75 mgs ed (or 600 mgs tren enth ew )

    i'd also run nolva at 10 mgs ed.

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    i like the way MC laid it out. thats what i would do. 6th cycle huh, like to see some stats.

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