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    winstrol tabs????

    I ran across some 50mg winstrol tabs.and i got som ? DO they aromatize at all? Any chance of gYNO? I know they are hard on the liver? I need info from people who have used them.

    Anyone ever used oral turinabols (spelling)? Side effectss? What anti e's should i use?

    Will EQ shut you down like deca ?

    Thanks for the help bros sorry so many questions but just trying to learn

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    they are probably IPs.

    you really should stack with a test like prop when you run it.

    anything you gain will fade away if you run it by itself.

    any 17 alpha alkalyted will be hard on your liver, and winstrol is 17aa.

    never tried turinabol .

    EQ CAN shut you down, but the chances are less likely. i would never run EQ or ANYTHING without test anyhow.

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